Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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    Nothing is more uncomfortable than not having air conditioning in the summer heat. Your air conditioning system may not be as efficient as you think and a yearly inspection will keep your system running at top performance.

    [basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-clock-o” icon_size=”42″ heading=”Fast Immediate Service”]We offer weekend hours, reasonable rates, & 24 hour emergency response service.  If you are ready to hire a skilled plumber and HVAC contractor you can trust, call Duke’s Plumbing, Heating & Air today to make and appointment.  We look forward to working with you![/basix_icon_text][basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-arrow-circle-up” icon_size=”42″ heading=”Years of Experience”]With over 25+ years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, there is no problem we can’t fix.[/basix_icon_text][basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-map-marker” icon_size=”42″ heading=”Areas We Serve”]All of Gardnerville, Minden, Dayton, Carson City, Mound House, Topaz, Wellington, South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe and all surrounding areas. Washoe Lake, Reno & Smith Valley. Anywhere you are, we are here to help.[/basix_icon_text]

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    We offer a 24 point maintenance inspection of forced air heaters which is recommended to be done annually. We also offer service contracts for air conditioning and forced air heating systems ensures you a comfortable and safe home all year long. Additionally we can provide you with a monthly filter change-out service.


    When can I expect someone to arrive?

    [basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-clock-o” icon_size=”25″]You will be given a 1 hour appointment time frame so you will know when we will arrive. For emergency calls 24-7 we will arrive on the job usually within 60 minutes.[/basix_icon_text]

    Do you offer a warranty with your labor?

    [basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-thumbs-o-up” icon_size=”25″]We stand by our work and offer full warranties on everything we do. Ask us for more details.[/basix_icon_text]

    Do you accept credit cards?

    [basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-credit-card” icon_size=”42″]We accept all major credit cards as well as offer financing options.